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      Fertilizer Blending System
      DHPB-100-A2 Big Bag Model
      Water Soluble Fretilizer Equipments
      Floor Batching System
      Fertilizer Granulation Machine
      Extrusion Granulation System
      Auxiliary equipment
      Weighing and Batching System
      Blending System
      Bucket Elevators
      Belt Conveyor
      Ration Paking Machine
      Sewing Machine and Conveyor
      Compound Fertilizer Equipments
      Seeds Cleaning and Grading Machine
      Small Type NPK Fertilizer Mixing Machine
      NPK Fertilizer Mixing Machine Delivered To Neimengu
      Malaysia Customer Purchase a NPK Granular Fertilizer Mixing Plant
      Water Soluble Fertilizer Mixing Machine Delivery Site
      Qinhuangdao SANNONG Modern Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
      Tel:+ 86 335 7090805
      Fax:+86 335 7090803
      China Headquarters: Leah Meng +86 188 3385 7095
      Canada Office: Manager Zhang 001(647)971 8855
      Email:qhdsnjx@aliyun.com; sannongjx05@163.com
      Skype: leah03101
      Address: No.6 Bohai Road Development Zone Qinhuangdao, China

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meng.leah


      Q.H.D Sannong Modern Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer of bulk blending (BB) fertilizer equipments and ration packaging equipments. As the initiate of BB fertilizer concept and holder of numbers of national patents, Sannong is the leading corporation for product innovation and technology upgrading in the bulk blending (BB) fertilizer equipments industry in China from the day of its foundation.

      Sannong has outstanding management systems of technical development, manufacturing processes and quality control, as well as strong sales network and perfect service system covering the domestic market and extending to the oversea market. And SANNONG therefore becomes a well-known trademark in Chinese BB fertilizer equipment industry.

      Sannong product not only brings down the production cost and energy consumption, solves the problem of splitting phenomenon induced by the differences of materials specific gravities and granularities in ordinary equipment,but also improves the batching precision and production efficiency and solves the problems of deliquescence during the BB fertilizer production. And the quality of products has passed the State-level test.

      As an honor, Sannong received the Silver Awards in 17th China National Invention Exibition. And at present, Sannong keeps on improving BB fertilizer production and supports technology in numbers of projects ,which seperatedly co-operating with the National Laboratory of Soil Testing , CAAS,China Agricultural University ,SACF, Mordern Agriculture Project of Heibei Province. and National Fertilizer Test Center and National Fertilizer Quality Inspection and Test Center.

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